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The Social Media Marketing Book
The Social Media Marketing Book - Social media is best defined in the context of the previous industrial media paradigm. Traditional media, such as television, newspapers, radio, and magazines, are one-way, static broadcast technologies. For instance, the magazine publisher is a large organization that distributes expensive content to consumers, while advertisers pay for the privilege of inserting their ads into that content. Or you’re sitting down, watching
your favorite sitcom, and suddenly you’re interrupted by commercials (luckily, you have a DVR, so you can fast-forward through them). If you disagree with something you read in the newspaper, you can’t send the editorial staff instant feedback. And good luck connecting with your morning radio on-air personality.

New web technologies have made it easy for anyone to create—and, most importantly—distribute their own content. A blog post, tweet, or YouTube video can be produced and viewed by millions virtually for free. Advertisers don’t have to pay publishers or distributors huge sums of money to embed their mes- sages; now they can make their own interesting content that viewers will flock to.

Social media comes in many forms, but for our purposes, I’ll focus on the eight most popular: blogs, microblogs (Twitter), social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), media-sharing sites (YouTube, Flickr), social bookmarking and voting sites (Digg, Reddit), review sites (Yelp), forums, and virtual worlds (Second Life).
The Facebook Marketing Book
The Facebook Marketing Book - Originally a network for select college students, Facebook first expanded into high schools, then larger networks, collecting students and colleagues across the country and, eventually, the world. Now you can not only identify your romantic partner and growing circle of friends, but also your parents and siblings. Your mom is on Facebook. Your sister is, and your daughter as well. Your college roommate, your first crush, and the former best friend you haven’t spoken to in years. Your grandparents may even be tagging you in family photos you forgot existed. Seventy percent of Facebook users live outside
the United States. The fastest growing segment of users? Women 55 to 65 years old. Depending on how you measure it, Facebook either has already surpassed Google in traffic levels or is about to. The Facebook Application platform alone has been used by over one million developers to build more than 500,000 active applications.
SEO Warrior
The topic of SEO is one of my passions. SEO—when considered right from the start— will give you an edge as well as an improved return on your investment. Although nobody can guarantee your site’s rankings, if you do the things I discuss in this book you will greatly increase your site’s chances of doing well in Google. If you follow the same approach, you should also do well in all of the other major search engines.
SEO Search Engine Optimization Bible Book
Welcome to the Search Engine Optimization Bible. Search engine optimization has come to mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. In the strictest sense, SEO is about the on-page and off-page design strategies you can use to improve your search engine
ranking. This usually means tweaking your web site, using design elements and content. And in most cases, it also means spending no money at all.

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is not just SEO. More accurately, SEM includes PPC or pay-per- click advertising. Search engine marketing is about doing whatever you need to do to ensure that your web site ranks as high as possible in search engine results. This means not only that you make the needed changes to your web-site design, but that you also employ other tactics, like using a paid advertising program or investing in content strategies.

I lump them all into one category. The ultimate goal of SEM is to bring more people to your web site. And you can do that by improving your search engines results. You can also do that by taking advantage of a growing phenomenon on the Web, social media. Social media is a viral form of shar- ing information on the Web. You might think of it as a more sophisticated method of sharing your favorites or information that you think will interest other people. And using social media to improve the traffic to your web site is called Social Media Marketing, or SMM.
Drupal Search Engine Optimization
Drupal is one of the most popular web content management systems. It powers a number of today's websites and is a solid choice for many businesses that want to create a compelling online presence. On today's Web, when noise and competition are at their highest levels ever, simply having a great site isn't enough. If you want to be competitive online, you have to have an appreciation for search marketing and you need fluency with the skills and strategy behind search engine optimization.

Drupal provides only limited SEO functionality straight out of the box. In this book, we look at how you can create a search engine optimized Drupal site using a combination of the default Drupal tools together with a set of popular extensions for the CMS. We also explore in depth the strategy behind SEO and how to set up and prosecute a successful SEO campaign.

Search marketing is a very competitive area, and one that is constantly changing and evolving. SEO skills are in high demand. Use this book to build a solid foundation in SEO and make your Drupal sites perform to the best of their ability.
The Content Marketing Guide
The Content Marketing Guide: What is content marketing? And how can this book help you develop an effective content marketing strategy for your business?
A practical 24-step plan you can act on today.