Try Three Paid Social Features To Hit The Ground Running in 2017

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Try Three Paid Social Features To Hit The Ground Running in 2017

Keeping in account the changing social media trends, your budget, target and goals, I hope everyone has designed an effective social media strategy and social advertising program to hit the ground running in 2017.

But here are some social media ad features marketers should keep an eye on in 2017:

Facebook Dynamic Ads Update

Dynamic ads were launched a couple of years ago and allow marketers to show the ads from their product catalogs to targeted audiences based on their interest and interaction with their website.

There’re two ways to reach your audience through dynamic ads, first one is to use a custom audience from your website and other is a broad audience.

Simply by using Facebook pixel, you can track the people who have visited or purchased something from your website. By using such type of data from pixel you can easily create Custom Audience that will help you to retarget them with the items in which they’ve shown interest.

Broad audiences are being rolled out and this feature will allow advertisers to reach an audience beyond website visitors. By expanding dynamic ads to broad audience, advertisers can find new customers for their business, instead of just limiting the product to the people who’ve visited or purchased from their websites. In this regard, Facebook will show your ads to the people who’ve visited your website and also to those who have browsed for the similar products or the relevant to their interest.

While opting for a broad audience, you can target your ad to the people on the basis of age, gender and location. So, you’ll get better performance from your ad.

Pinterest Promoted Pins For Apps

Pinterest has recently added Promoted Pins for Apps that will help you step up your advertising on Pintertest and reach your goal.

As a world’s catalog of idea, Pinterest is all about exploring and sharing ideas among people. It helps you to engage users simply by installing your app. So, the users can easily discover about your brand and get your notifications. Promoted App Pins will help people to download your app without leaving Pinterest to complete their transactions. The users can download iOS apps directly from pin,  that’s why these pins are proving to be useful and engaging.

To get started, consider current customers who don’t have the app, targeting act-alikes of your existed app user, relevant group themes and site retargeting.  


Snapchat first and third party data audience

Snap Inc. is pushing ahead with its advertising plan and now allowing advertisers to use third party data through the Oracle Data Cloud (as the company has signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud in January 2017).

 This partnership will allow marketers to enjoy access to some powerful data like offline data from purchases or loyalty card transactions to target customers with potentially more relevant ads across the Snapchat app. Additionally, marketers can measure and drive better campaigns on the app,making Snapchat a more viable platform.

These three recent social ad features from Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat are effective. Which one you’re going to try for your brand in 2017?

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