Incredible Tips that’ll Jumpstart Your Social Media Advertising in 2017

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Incredible Tips that’ll Jumpstart Your Social Media  Advertising in 2017

In 2017, no one can deny the power of social media as social media advertising has become an integral part of digital marketing. By investing in social media advertising, you can reach the untapped masses. But it’s not easy as writing a post. It involves budgeting, analytics, targeting and demographics, taking some expertise.

So, if you want more from your social media efforts, check out these tips and tricks as you start your journey through social media advertising:

Evaluate Your 2016 campaign

The best thing is to look back, evaluate & learn from your past experiences. Similarly, review your last year social advertising campaigns , find the most and least successful ads and then identify the reasons or causes.

Such type of analysis will help you to design more effective 2017 campaigns, driving more conversions.

Utilize Reduced Advertising Costs in Q1

Q4 is always the most costly time to advertise on social media platforms because large retailers and e-commerce stores all struggle hard to get the limited amount of inventory for holiday promotion. So, ready to take advantage of Q1 as it is less competitive and easy on your budget.

Review & Refresh Your Copy

It's 2017 and your social ads require new copy, images and videos. By reviewing your ads you used in 2016, you can better understand what grabbed the most attention of the audience and which were click- worthy. After analyzing the creative that you used in 2017, iterate upon your controls.

A refreshing and compelling creative and copy increase delivery on social media platforms, whilst reducing the cost (to reach target audience).

Try New Platforms

This year, test the waters of a new platform and explore new ways to engage new prospects and learning new ways to interact with  your existing or older clients. There’re endless means to reach your customers. Consider Pinterest, you can run a mobile app install campaign.

And what about Snapchat? You can send users to your store or site. So, start now, research new social platforms and  explore marketing in unknown territories.

Update your Tragets

Targeting is considered as the main element of social media campaigns because if you are not targeting the right consumer base, your campaign is useless. That’s why it is significant to update your customer exclusion lists when you are prospecting and in doing so, make sure that you’re not targeting your current customers.

Hopefully, you’ve  a large volume of traffic in your Q4, then it is important to retool your custom audiences for retargeting efforts.

Audit Your Ads Tracking

For accurate reporting in 2017, it is significant to make sure that you’ve a proper tracking and attribution set up. To check or confirm that your ads are accurately performing, perform a comprehensive and a deep audit of your pixels and custom conversion events. If you find some problem, fix those areas, and make sure that your social ads are working well.

Create your 2017 Playbook

2017 is exciting for everyone and it can be your year to shine, firstly plan properly and do it well. Spend some time and focus on things  like the tests you want to run, which social media platforms you want to explore and social marketing marketing and plans.

Feel free to contact us for social media marketing guidance and more. 

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