4 Tips To Run A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

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4 Tips To Run A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Text marketing is one of the best performing marketing channel and it has been popular from few years. The Google Statistics of 2016 have shown that 3.6 billion mobile connections out of the & 7.4 billion are associated with the basic not smart phones.  So, if you’ve not integrated SMS marketing in your marketing campaign, you’re losing potential customers and leaving money on the table. If used properly, it is extremely effective, affordable and allows you to reach an elusive but lucrative demographic. This article is going disclose the top 5 text marketing tips that’ll help you run a successful SMS marketing campaign.

Sending To The Right Contacts

If you want to achieve success in any strategy, campaign or game, the first thing you need to know the ‘rules’. Similarly, it is better to know the SMS marketing rules. According  to the laws of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the companies or brands can only send messages to the people who have opted to receive them.

 Simple, you’ve to take the permission from your customers that whether they want to receive your messages or not. It is very easy, you can ask them during online subscription or ask them to text a term in your company number. This will help you ensure that you are sending messages to the right people who are interested.

Don’t Go Over 160 Characters

When it comes to the message content, make sure that your messages don’t exceed the limit of 160 characters. The number 160 is very important in SMS marketing because any message that exceed this limit will be broken into pieces by the company. Of course, this splitting may cause many problems like incurring extra fees or making the entire message undeliverable. So, create a message that is clear and brief.

Additionally, don’t forget to add a call to action so readers know that what they need to do next. The company mobile number and URL are the effective CTAs.

Timing Matters A lot


In the SMS marketing, timings matter a lot. If you want that your customers will read your messages, it’s important to send messages at the right time. So, don’t send messages too early or too late and make sure you send the messages at that time when they’re making buying decisions. For example, restaurants always send messages at specific time when people are thinking what to eat. So, it is better to target your audience when they’re making buying decisions.

Moreover, frequency of your messages has also a great impact on your campaign. Don’t send too many messages so the consumers get annoyed and start deleting your messages.

Advertise Your Shortcode


Integrate your SMS marketing campaigns with other channels. Whether it’s a company’s website, Facebook page, Insta gram, Twitter, Linkedin profile, flyer, banner or any other promotional material, advertise your SMS shortcode everywhere. Advertise you SMS with your email marketing campaign because your shortcode is a gateway to your SMS marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing is relatively easy and effective form of marketing. Using these tips and keeping track of metrics like the number of subscribers, click-through rates, conversions and open rates, you can run a successful SMS marketing campaign.




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