How To Create Clickable Content Titles Without Resorting To Clickbait?

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How To Create Clickable Content Titles Without Resorting To Clickbait?

When it comes to writing content, it is very difficult to write a clickable titles that don’t get accused of being clickbait. For the last few years, clickbait has become a most popular technique in content marketing, but it is ineffective in the long run.


So, it’s important to learn the art of writing clickable titles that can drive more traffic to your site. Here are some SEO tips for writing clickable and share worthy title

Use Keyword

As we know, keyword are key elements in the SEO. So, it’s important to use one of the keywords in the title. Additionally, you should also stuff the keywords in the Meta description, headers (h1) and in the ALT description and title of images as well.


When people will find their required term (product or service) in your title and Meta description, they’ll be more likely to click it.

Keep It Short

Google has expanded the width of search result, now you can title having 70 characters. Do not exceed this limit because if you’ll exceed, it will get truncated (….) .


Make sure that the title must be precise and short, attracting and allowing readers to get readers to read complete title in search results. Consequently, it’ll generate more leads and customers to your website.

Ask Question

Using a question in title is a great technique to engage and involve the audience. Having a question in your title will likely start a conservation as people feel involved. The best way is to do research and find what your targeted audience want to ask.


Know Your Audience

For writing a great piece of content, first and foremost, you need to know about your audience and their requirements. Similarly, for writing a great and clickable content, it is better to know the interest and needs of your targeted audience. When you better understand your audience, you can convey your brand’s message, services to targeted audience easily and you can tell them perfectly how you can help them.


Address Your Audience Directly

Directly addressing your audience in the title you can engage more people. By using “yours or your” in the title or headlines, you’ll able to attract more people as it feels like your brand is giving importance to them and interested in starting a conversation. So, it will surely encourage their engagement.

Use Strong & Compelling Words

The words such as ‘You’, ‘New’, ‘Easy’, ‘Remarkable’ are strong and active words. Try to use these strong and powerful words in your title because they tend to catch more reader’s attention and compel them to take action.



Numbered Lists

It is a highly effective trick to writing a clickable title. Create title using a number or numbers like “5 Brands who dominate Social Media”, indicating a list. People want information that is precise and easy to read, psychologically comforting to the readers.

Define Content

A title must be precise and informative, it clearly and accurately describes the topic. Now the people are so busy and they don’t like to waste their time in reading a whole content to find the answers. A title is a clue or summary that what content is all about. So, readers rely on title so a descriptive and precise title is click-worthy.


Clickbait titles do not run in the long run. By writing effective page titles, you’ll be able to attract and engage more web users. A great title accurately describes the topic, short, clear, ask directly to them and promises to meet a need.



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