Easy Ways For Small Digital Publishers To Grow Their Network

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Easy Ways For Small Digital Publishers To Grow Their Network

 Digital advertising refers to the online advertising and a digital advertising agency is a company who delivers creative and technological solutions. The old agency model is dying due to technological advancement. In this scenario, it has become difficult for the smaller agencies or publishers to survive. So, there are fewer growth opportunities for the new startups or small publishers. This article outlines some easy ways to help new startup or small digital publishers to grow their network.

Platforms As Distributors

Platforms are necessary for the content distribution and have a great impact on the publishing industry. There are several platforms for the small publishing companies. But the selection of platforms matters because they can be the saviors or destroyers of the advertising industry.  A big mistake new startup does they spend more time on trying all the platforms and just waste their time. The great way to focus on those platforms that are growing audience and increasing engagement level.


  • Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project by Google that will load site pages faster. This attempt is basically for providing an excellent user experience by keeping them on the platforms and engaging them with the publishing community. So, Google AMP is the best platform to engage the audience and monetize the content.
  • Medium is another great platform for publishers for content distribution. Although there is a risk of giving content to the Medium but there are several benefits of using it. It has built in audience of millions of readers and easy for both Wordpress and non-Wordpress sites.
  • Google News is also a great platform that focuses on the timely news content. In order to get accepted in this program, you have to go through an application process. This program is specifically designed for timely reporting/ news content and event analysis.

Content Marketing Tools

The biggest hurdle that publishing companies face is that they are overloaded with work and understaffed. In this way, it is better for publishers to plan and manage their content strategy by using content marketing tools. Here are some of the tools that can help small publishers.


It is a great tool that can help publishers to find out the most influential and trending content or topic on the web. It not only helps to make good titles, but it also suggests you the better platforms to advertise and reach your target audience.


It is an editorial calendar software that allows publishers to plan their posts in advance.  Publishers can set a time to post their content on different social platforms. Though it is designed for both large and small advertising agencies, but it is best for the smaller publishers.


It is a simple graphic design software that allows publishers to create graphics and supplementary images quickly. It is easy to make quick graphics without burdening the graphic team.


In this era of technological advancement, the survival of small publishing companies is hard. By focusing on their niche and finding their unique voice, they can compete with the large publishing agencies. By utilizing right platforms and tools that work well for your audience, you can grow your network and save time.

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