Easy Way to Be Resellers with Us

We have proved with our hard work and best professional practices that we can make a nominal and even a starting business, a great entity. We have numerous clients who have reached to new levels of success and prosperity with the best practices to generate the website traffic, social media marketing and the higher ROI for many companies as well. We have performed out services for small and medium sized as well as ecommerce companies. we have boosted their business and they are in fact our indirect references as well.

Success is Inevitable

When you are introducing your client to us then it is our headache to cater his needs, wants and desires in the digital marketing world. When there is a great team and the hard work that we put in every task then we are going to give that client a potential business boost. You have directed that client with a fixed percentage of commission. You will keep on getting the set money as long as the client takes our company’s services. It will help us, you and your client of course, to grow on collective and individual basis. We will deliver what your customer needs and for what you have referred him to us. Then you can keep on reselling the same services to your other clients if you need training in that respect.

Be the Best Reseller

You can turn out to be all that good if you can refer your client to us with a knowledge that we are able to do justice to that individual or group’s business. It is just too important to see things in a wider perspective as how your customer can benefit from our services. You will get your share of percentage that is set at the time of negotiation. While we will train you guys as well as your clients if they are willing too for good things to perform by themsleves.

Direct and Indirect Client Services

If you like to introduce your clients to us in a direct manner then we will deal with them on organizational basis. Keeping your commission as a 'must part' but the situation can be vice verse. We can perform all online marketing works for you as undercover partners, and you will be the interaction face to those real clients. It all depends of your preferences and the kind of burden you can handle with client dealing and convincing the difficult parts.

Commission Deciding Factors

You can earn with each reselling a commission of 10% to 25% of what is the total budget which is set for digital marketing or SEO services of your referred company. Even if you have a chain of clients to refer to us then the commission structure can be revised up to 50% as well. 


SEO.Com.Pk can safely say that it is best able to train you for future SEO, SMM, PPC and other Digital Marketing ventures. Even if your clients need the training then our expert team can do it for you as well as your client. Even we are able to provide all kinds of optimization researches, and the trends in SEO, SMM etc. It will make convenient for you to deal with your clients in a proper and professional manner with sound knowledge.

Benefits of Reselling to Us:

  • You will get extra revenue
  • Your company will have a new boost
  • Your client will get all kinds of digital marketing facilities under one umbrella
  • Your precious time will be saved
  • New learning and revenue generating horizons for you

The Ideal Resellers

All those companies which are involved in internet or IT/Software industry in one way or others can get a direct or indirect benefit from our thorough professional services. You can even refer the clients if you are overloaded with clients and work in your plate but do not want to lose the coming opportunities.

  • SEO Companies
  • Social Media Marketing Firms
  • Online Marketing Agencies
  • Advertising Firms
  • Software Firms
  • Web and Logo Designers
  • Web-hosting Firms
  • Marketing Companies

Hire a Dedicated Professional

Suppose you are an IT firm or an individual SEO Expert who needs a support with all SEO, SMM, PPC Ads Campaign Management, and Content Marketing. But there is some deficiency of an ace professional. On who can devise proper and useful strategies to boost the business of your client? Then you can hire our individual team members from each domain of service or even a group of members.

They will seat in our office and will perform all duties that you ask for, and off course will be under your payroll as well. If you want to continue it for good boost then it is our prosperity and genuineness as well. We will decide a percentage of commission for our team on behalf of each dedicated professional that you hire from SEO.Com.Pk.